Expect losing fat and gaining muscle! Most bodyweight athletes are strong and have a very impressive physique so you better get on board now if that's what you want! Besides the aesthetics, bodyweight training provides incredible boost to you mobility and makes your joints and ligaments absolutely bulletproof. That is why bodyweight training is by far the best method of working out if you want to avoid injuries during your workouts as well as prevent random injuries in your every day life. 


My personal training clients come to me with different goals, they have different age and of course everyone has different bodies. This is why all programs will vary drastically from one another. However, one key component will always be present in all programs and that is calisthenics! Training sessions never require any equipment and the only weight that will be moved or lifted will be your own bodyweight!


We will do exercises that will get you stronger - that's is going to be the focus of your program. I find it important because getting stronger will help you grow muscle which in return will help you lose fat due to increase of your metabolism. Examples of such exercises are squats, push ups, pull ups, lunges and many more. Any time my client can't do a certain exercise, I make them do a regressed version (elevated push up instead of floor push ups for example). When my client can comfortably do the exercise, than we do a progression (pistol squats instead of regular squats). The goal is to get to the next level, no matter where are you starting at.