My philosophy is simple: people should be able to workout anytime, anywhere. Whether you are on a business trip, sitting at home without a gym membership, on vacation, or in any other situation, you should be able to work on your fitness! And that is exactly what my personal training service will help you with because my training methods don't require any equipment.  Instead, I encourage my clients to use their own body to get stronger and faster, as well as feel and look better. I use simple yet very effective personal training programs that are based on progressive calisthenics.

My clients come to me with varying goals: some want to lose weight, others want to get stronger, while some just want to get healthier. With goals like these, I find it very important to have a performance oriented program that is accompanied with proper nutrition. When you get stronger and faster, your body has to adopt to the new demand and that's when it starts losing fat, gaining muscle and improving on many other levels. Having a performance based goal will also make your training process more meaningful, fun and motivating. Why go to the gym to use boring machines and that rusty elliptical when you can be working on pull ups, pistol squats, handstands, sprints - you name it! I have trained many clients who got to the point  where they were able to do those things in a matter of months and guess what? They look and feel much better than before they started training. It always works. 

When it comes down to nutrition, I have very simple advice: switch to plant based (vegan) diet and you will see wonders not only in the way you feel, but also in the mirror. Eat less meat, get rid of dairy products and load up on fresh vegetables, fruit and legumes! And don't worry about the protein because you'll find plenty of it in your new diet. If you use these simple principles, you will feel much more energized, remain more focused, and, of course, lose fat (lots of it). Picture below was taken at 2017 WNBF Men's Physique Competition where I placed 1st in tall category. I was the only vegan in my group and that didn't stop me from winning. Prior to the show I used the same approach to lose fat as I described above. I'm more than happy to answer any of your questions about plant based diet!